Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Replace a DVD Drive on a XBox 360

The Xbox 360 uses a DVD drive to play game discs. A defective DVD drive renders the game console unusable and must be replaced if you are to continue playing games. Replacing the DVD drive requires opening up the Xbox which can be done at home with only a few tools, although you will have to get a replacement DVD drive from an Xbox 360 parts supply store. Replacing a DVD drive on a XBox 360 does not requires any electronic skill but it is not a casual repair.

  1.  Put the newspaper down on a table. Remove all cords from the Xbox 360 and set it face up on the newspaper. Squeeze both sides of the front of the faceplate with the left hand. Insert two fingers of the right hand into the door at the bottom of the faceplate and pull up to remove the faceplate.

  2.  Push the top of the right side panel inward. Insert the long thin stick between the panel and into the casing. Use the stick to release the four tabs holding the gray piece of plastic inside to the case. Press the power button on the front of the Xbox 360. Repeat the process to release the tabs from the gray piece of plastic inside the case on the left side of the console.

  3.  Put the Xbox 360 face down on the newspaper. Lift up the bottom shelf and use the star screwdriver to remove all of the screws that are now exposed. Put the Xbox 360 back face up on the newspaper. Pull off the top casing. Remove the side panels and the back panel from the bottom of the Xbox 360's case.

  4.  Locate the DVD drive that is near the center of the circuit board and is the only big metal box inside of the bottom case. Remove the screws holding it to the bottom casing using the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screws on the side of the DVD drive with the star screwdriver. Pull out the DVD disc tray from the DVD drive. Pick up the DVD drive and hold it above the circuit board.

  5.  Squeeze the sides of the power plug attached to the DVD drive. Remove the power plug. Squeeze the sides of each of the two ribbon cables attached to the circuit board in order to free them from the connector. Pull out each of the ribbon cables from the connector. Discard the DVD drive.

  6.  Hold the replacement DVD drive over the circuit board. Insert the power plug into the power connector on the replacement DVD drive. Insert each of the two ribbon cables from the replacement DVD drive into their connectors on the circuit board. Place the replacement DVD drive down on the bottom casing and put the screws into it using the Phillips screwdriver.

  7.  Reassemble the Xbox 360. Reattach the cords and turn it on. Insert a game disc and test the replacement DVD drive.

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